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Mortgage & Home Equity Loans

Congratulations for taking the initiative to inquire about a home loan that is right for you or contacting us about a home equity loan.

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Mortgage Loans

We’ve partnered with Right Choice Mortgage to provide you with the right home loan!

CSFCU and Right Choice Mortgage can help make the home buying and home mortgage process simple.  Mortgage programs include:

  • Online Pre-Approval Program
  • First-Time Home Buyer Programs
  • Fixed and adjustable rate loans
  • 24/7 online approvals

Take advantage of the online Loan Consultant feature to check rates, estimate closing costs, and help determine the best loan for you!


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Home Equity Loans

A CSFCU Home Equity Loan is a smart and cost-efficient way to borrow money. The rates for home equity loans tend to be lower than credit cards and most other types of loans available, and the interest is tax deductible for most borrowers.

  • Fixed rates
  • Adjustable rates
  • Draw period (take loan advances during your draw period for home repairs)
  • Friendly service

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Home Equity Disclosure and What You Should Know.


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