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We're committed to supporting the educational community in Ventura County, and we're active in educational events, activities, and programs.   Anytime we offer a new product, sponsor an event, or run a promotion, it will be shared here!

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Outlook Newsletter

12/31/2015 - News


Outlook Newsletter

09/30/2014 - News


DMV Potential Breach

03/25/2014 - News

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2015 Holiday Schedule

12/31/2014 - News

Holiday Schedule

Target Breach - Protect Your Identity                                        

12/23/2013- News

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Sprint Discount Program                                          

12/17/2013 - Promotion

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December 2014: Outlook Newsletter

Rates as low as 1.49% APR, Get to Know Our Staff, and Saving Money in the New Year!

September 2014: Outlook Newsletter

Rite Aid ATMs, New CEO, and Wrap Up the Holidays with a CSFCU HELOC!

June 2014: Outlook Newsletter

Summer Skip-A-Pay, Coming Soon: More Fee-Free ATMs, and more!

March 2014: Outlook Newsletter

First-time Car Buyers, Your Tax Refund, Is a HELOC Right for You, and more!

December 2013: Outlook Newsletter

The Right Car with the Right Loan, Annual Meeting, Financial Resolutions, and more!

October 2013: Outlook Newsletter

Know The Credit Score,  How to Rein In Your Holiday Spending, Skip-A-Pay, and more!

June 2013: Outlook Newsletter

Summer Skip-A-Pay, Call for Volunteers, plus More!

March 2013: Outlook Newsletter

Pay Yourself First, Annual Membership Meeting, Annual Report!

December 2012: Outlook Newsletter

Simi Valley Foundation, New CSFCU.org, and more!

March 2012: Outlook Newsletter

Membership Meeting, Super Saver Match, and Annual Report!  

June 2012: Outlook Newsletter

Your Financial Reputation, FICO Score, plus more!

September 2012: Outlook Newsletter

Holiday Skip-A-Pay, Identify Theft, plus more!