Effective February 4, 2013

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Checking Accounts
Simply Free Checking
(free checking- just sign up for eStatements!)
Student Checking Free
Millennium Checking $8.00 per month
Online Banking Free
Online Bill Pay Free
Mobile Banking Free
Touch - Tone Express Free
eStatements Free
eAlerts Free
Popmoney $.50 per transaction
Savings Accounts
Share Savings Account (single account) $15.00 one-time member fee/minimum deposit $25.00
Share Savings Account (joint account) $30.00 one- time member fee/minimum deposit $50.00 
Student Savings Account $1.00 one-time member fee/minimum deposit $15.00
Jr. Savers Accounts $1.00 one-time member fee/minimum deposit $5.00
Christmas Club Savings Free
Summer Saver Account Free
Share Certificates
Share Certificates Free
IRAs Certificates Free
Education IRAs Free
Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) $20.00 annual fee $25.00 early termination fee
Loan Fees
Late Charge $25.00 per transaction
Loan Modification $50.00 per transaction
Loan “Skip A Pay” $50.00 per transaction
"Check by Phone" (loan payment or deposit) $10.00 per transaction
Non-Sufficient $25.00 per transaction
Dealer Direct Lending NSF $15.00 per transaction
Loan Rewrite $125-$175.00 per transaction
Loan Reinstatement $100 per transaction
Loan Subordination Fee $150.00 per transaction
Other Services and Charges
Fees applied to Checking Accounts 
Stop Payment (Check or ACH) $25.00 per transaction
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $35.00 per transaction
Return Deposit Item $35.00 per transaction
Courtesy Pay $35.00 per transaction
Overdraft Transfer (reg. D restrictions may apply) $3.00 per transaction
Photocopy of Deposit Item $1.00 per transaction
Check Copy (N/C through Online Banking) $5.00 per transaction
Dormant Account $5.00 quarterly
Temporary Checks (minimum 4 per sheet) $2.00 per sheet
Fees applied to ATM/Debit Cards  
Card Issued with new Account Free
Each Additional Card $3.00 per card
Card Replacement $5.00 per card
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $35.00 per transaction
Foreign Transaction Fee $2.00 per transaction
Fees applied to Credit Union Checks 
Cashier’s Check $7.00 per check
Teller’s Checks (Official Checks) waived if deposit balance > $2,500 $2.00 per check
Check Cashing (waived for checking accounts) $5.00 per check
Check Cashing  (non-member) $5.00 per check
 Money Orders $2.00 per check
Wire Transfers (domestic) $20.00
Wire Transfers (international) $35.00
Documentation Fees $25.00
Notary Fee for Credit Union Business FREE
Notary Fee for Non-Credit Union Business $10 per signature
American Express Gift Cheques $2.00 per cheques
American Express Gift Card $5.00 per gift card
American Express Travelers Checks (one signer) $2.00 per transaction
American Express Travelers Checks (two signers)  $3.50 per transaction
Visa Advance (cash advance fee waived for loan payment) $15.00
Coin Machine Fee for Non Members 8.5%
Coin Machine and Members Deposit to CSFCU Free

All fees and terms are subject to change.